4 Reasons Why You Should Download CardSecure

By BankSource on 2/10/2023

Have you ever reached for your wallet to pay for your morning coffee and your debit card is nowhere to be found? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We’ve all misplaced our cards a time or two. While the card could just be sitting on the kitchen counter, there’s also a chance the disappearance is more sinister. Good thing you have the BOS CardSecure App to turn your card off while you look for it!

Don’t have the CardSecure app? Download it in the iOS and Android app stores and be confident your card is protected no matter where it’s ended up (whether that’s in the dryer or in the hands of a fraudster).

CardSecure allows you to protect the cards in your wallet on your terms. Decide how your card is used with control and alert preferences and set up restrictions based on a variety of areas like location, merchant categories, transaction type, and more. If a purchase doesn’t match your criteria, it gets declined and you get notified.

It’s that simple!

4 Reasons Why You Should Use CardSecure 

Never worry about a misplaced card again.

Control your card from the palm of your hand. Reduce the panic of a misplaced card with the ability to turn it off in seconds. Found the debit card in your jeans pocket? Turn it back on with one click.

Stay in the know.

Alerts allow you to know exactly when a transaction was processed on your card. Set up preferences for specific merchant types (restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations) and get detailed notifications about the transactions you want to monitor.

Hit your financial goals.

CardSecure allows you to set detailed control preferences on your cards. Minimize overspending by setting up amount, location, and transaction type limits. Set your controls to match your financial goals and you’ll reach them in no time!

Customize your transaction knowledge.

From control, alert, and transaction preferences, memo notes, and more, CardSecure allows for complete customization of your financial monitoring. Build a system that works for you and your spending habits.

The BOS CardSecure is app gives you complete control of the cards in your wallet. Relieve the stress of potential fraudulent situations (and laundry mishaps) by downloading the app today

Learn more about the CardSecure app features.

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