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In Case of Lost or Stolen Card

VISA Credit Card: 1.800.423.7503
VISA Debit Card: 1.800.554.8969

Bank Card Security

If you have a lost or stolen ATM or debit card, call 1-800-554-8969.
The next business day after reporting your card lost or stolen, contact the Bank of Springfield at (217) 241-HELP.

Bank of Springfield and VISA have implemented a new automated notification service to alert customers when abnormal activity is detected on your VISA Debit and Credit Card. When an unusual spending pattern is identified, a customer service representative will contact you. Once your identity is confirmed, you will be prompted to confirm the reported transactions as legitimate or suspect. This system is in place to protect our cardholders from fraud. If you plan on traveling out of state and using your VISA Debit or Credit card, please notify the bank ahead of time. This helps VISA recognize that your transactions are valid.


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VISA Cards

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VISA Gift Cards

Visa Gift Cards are always the perfect fit! Visa Gift Cards may be purchased at any of our locations, so visit a personal banker today.

  • Change your VISA gift card PIN
  • Print statements
  • View the remaining balance on your gift card
  • Get real time updates on transactions

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