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Vital for Wealth Management

Insurance* is overlooked many times as part of wealth management. It does, however, have a crucial impact on estate planning, risk management, tax planning, and asset protection.

  • Estate tax risk
    Estate taxes can be onerous if not planned for properly. Life insurance can generate immediate cash to a trust or beneficiaries free of income tax.
  • Charitable giving
    By designating a charity as a beneficiary, generous gifts can be directed at an economical cost.
  • Estate creation
    Life insurance is a tremendous vehicle to generate an estate to protect your family’s lifestyle.
  • Asset protection against disability
    Insurance can replace a percentage of personal income disrupted by disability or illness.

BOS Insurance Agency works with our financial management experts to develop options that align best with your needs.


Insurance Products

Term Life Insurance
A person is covered for an exact time period by term insurance. A term policy does not provide financial returns beyond the stated benefit period. Nonetheless, term coverage can be a valuable component of a financial plan. Our experts assess your overall financial needs for the best mix of insurance.

Whole Life Insurance
This type of insurance covers a person’s entire life rather than a set term. A savings component — cash value / loan value — builds over time and serves as a vehicle for wealth accumulation.

Universal Life Insurance
Many financial plans benefit from this flexible permanent life insurance offering low-cost term life protection with the savings of whole life. The death benefit, savings aspect, and premiums can be modified as your wealth accumulation goals change.

Individual Health Insurance
Health coverage is essential — whether on an individual or group basis — as part of any sound wealth accumulation plan.

Group Health Insurance
We provide health care coverage for employers, organizations, associations, and various groups. Group health for employees or members and their dependents is critical in today’s environment.

Individual Disability Insurance
Disability insurance serves as the cornerstone to your financial plan because of its role to cover expenses should you or your spouse be unable to work.

Group Disability Insurance
We offer disability coverage for employers and many other groups. Like an individual disability plan, group coverage is for expenses if you or your spouse cannot work because of illness or injury.

Long-Term Care
Long-term care insurance can cover costs that Medicaid, Medicare, and other plans won’t cover entirely — skilled and custodial levels of care, nursing home and assisted living facilities, and home health care to mention a few.

Risk Management for Business Owners
For business owners, the right insurance program can fund a buy-sell agreement, protect against the death or disability of a key person, or ensure that a business continues if cash is needed temporarily.

No Time Like Now

There’s no better time than the present to launch a well-thought-out financial plan or reassess your current position. We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact the BOS Insurance Agency at 217-529-5555.

*Insurance products are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or any government agency. Insurance products are not deposits, obligations, or guaranteed by the bank or its affiliates. Insurance products are not a condition to any bank loan, product or service. Insurance products may go down in value.

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