Business Banking


Business Banking

In today’s competitive marketplace, your business requires a financial partner that understands your unique needs. The business banking specialists at BOS are able to analyze your needs and respond quickly. Our team will work with you to create the best mix of business products and services to fit your organization.

Products & Services



Our tiered interest-bearing checking account is suitable for any business type.


This account is designed specifically for small businesses with few account transactions.


This account for small businesses allows for more monthly account transactions.


Our commercial checking account is a simple checking account perfect for medium and large businesses with available cash services and electronic cash management.


A flexible way to grow funds and manage cash flow, our savings accounts offer competitive rates, allow easy access to funds.


For investors, business money market accounts offer a safe and secure interest-bearing savings option. In addition, they provide ready access to cash for unforeseen expenses or seasonal cash flow needs. Certain restrictions apply.


Manage your monthly cash flow and minimize service charges by utilizing a corporate sweep account from BOS. Choose a target balance and let the account automatically sweep idle collected balances from your business checking account to a sweep option so you can earn interest and pay down lines of credit.


  • This service enables your company to send or receive currency shipments;
  • Improves cash flow management;
  • Eliminates in-house, labor-intensive coin and currency counting tasks, and;
  • Reduces risk of loss by restricting employee handling of cash.


Night deposit is a safe and secure way to make deposits any time of the day or night and is perfect for business owners who want to maintain only a small amount of cash on the premises.


You can protect important documents and valuables that would be difficult or impossible to replace with a BOS safe deposit box.


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