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Our BOS Business Services team will work with you to enhance your business and improve operating efficiencies. Our financial management tools allow you to better manage your cash - decreasing operating costs, increasing earnings and reducing risk.



Online Banking
This secure internet banking service allows you to retrieve account data, balance information, and transaction details. You can initiate wire transfers, export your account data, view check images, and generate customized reports quickly and conveniently.

ACH Origination
Electronic payments are the secure and efficient way to transfer funds. This service allows you to originate ACH transactions including direct deposit of payroll, expense reimbursements, transfers between financial institutions and tax deposits. You can also automate customer payments to simplify your account receivables process.

Positive Pay
Positive Pay allows your business to reduce exposure to check fraud loss with daily verification of check presentments. Positive Pay allows your company to view electronic images of checks, identify unauthorized checks presented for payment, and determine which checks to pay or return.


With Remote Deposit Service, you can make deposits for your business – from the comfort of your office. All you need is a check scanner and a computer with a high-speed Internet connection. It’s easy, convenient and secure all while saving you valuable time and money.


BOS gives you more choices to accept customer payments with our Merchant Credit Card Processing. Accept credit and debit cards at your business, via your website, by phone, and more. We can design the best processing solution to meet your needs and grow with your business.


Our Lock Box processing service allows you to accelerate and improve the collection of your receivables. We will collect, process your customers’ payments and deposit the funds into your account the same day. Electronic images of checks deposited, and their accompanying statements or invoices will be sent to you daily via secure email.


Our secure check services will not only help you reduce the amount of bad checks you accept, it will also help improve your cash flow. We offer point of sale services including check verification and electronic check conversion and a gateway to accept check payments over the phone or internet.


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