With a home equity line of credit from BOS, you could complete all the projects on your to-do list!



Introductory APR*



Home Equity Line of Credit APR (variable) after introductory period is


or 1/4% over National Prime - whichever is higher.


 Email BOS for more information.


*The annual percentage rate (APR) 6.75% is an introductory fixed rate for 6 months following the loan date and is available for new home equity lines of credit secured by a principal dwelling with a combined loan to value (including prior mortgages or liens) up to 80% or less. Offer not available for refinance of existing BOS Home Equity Lines of Credit and is available for applications received on/before 7/1/2024. The National Prime is published by the Wall Street Journal (Prime 8.50% as of 7/27/2023). APR may increase after introductory period due to changes in National Prime. The APR will not vary below 6.00% or above 18%. Minimum loan amount $5,000. Annual Fee $30.00. Property insurance required. Borrower paid closing cost will range from $150-$730. All loans subject to credit approval. All rates subject to change without notice. Contact Bank of Springfield for more information. 04/24