With a home equity line of credit from BOS, you could complete all the projects on your to-do list!



Introductory APR*



Home Equity Line of Credit APR (variable) after introductory period is


or 1/4% over National Prime - whichever is higher.


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The annual percentage rate (APR) 5.99% is an introductory fixed rate for 6 months following the loan date and is available for new home equity Lines of credit secured by principal dwelling with a combined loan to value (including prior mortgages or liens) up to 80% or less. Offer not available for refinances of existing BOS Home Equity Lines of credit and is available for applications submitted as of the date of this flier until 7/1/2023. The National Prime is published by the Wall Street Journal (Prime 8.25% as of 5/4/2023). APR may increase after introductory period due to changes in National Prime. The rate will not vary below 4.50% APR or above 18% APR. Minimum loan amount $5,000. Annual Fee $30.00. Property insurance required. Borrower paid closing cost will not exceed $200 unless an appraisal and/or property taxes or insurance are due then borrower responsible for the cost associated for these cost(s). All loans subject to credit approval. All rates subject to change without notice. Contact Bank of Springfield for more information.   04/23