November Employee of the Month!

By BankSource on 12/20/2022

Each month we recognize members of the #BOSFamily for demonstrating service excellence, either within the bank or to our customers. These employees are then nominated to become the Employee of the Year for BOS!

We are proud to announce our November Employees of the Month, Amber Oller, Jack O’Connor, and Michael “Murph” Mathiot! Amber, Jack, and Murph have proven their ability to protect our customers from scams and keep their information safe. A recent interaction with a customer showed all the red flags of a fraudulent situation. Using their extensive training and care for their customers, the team was able to stop a scam in its tracks. Their ability to explain the signs of fraud to the customer and how they communicated with each other ensured a positive outcome to the situation. Amber, Jack, and Murph saved the customer's funds from being stolen. We are grateful to have such a dedicated team at our Madison branch!

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