Account Alerts Make Fraud Detection Easy

By BankSource on 1/6/2023

Fraud can happen to anyone, anytime. It can even happen to you! That’s why it’s important to monitor your bank account activity so you know exactly what’s coming in and out. If you know what your normal activity looks like you can recognize changes that might not belong. With mobile apps and online banking, access to account information is available in a just a few clicks. But checking your eBanking sites on a regular basis can feel like a chore, especially when other priorities arise. If only there was a way to know what’s happening in your accounts in real time with almost zero effort…

Oh wait, there is!

Account alerts are available within the BOS Mobile Banking App and Online Banking platform. With easy set-up, tons of alert options, and customization capabilities, turning them on is almost a no-brainer.

So why should you set up account alerts?

Build Financial Awareness

         Being aware of the funds in your account isn’t just to protect yourself from fraud. It’s also a sign of strong financial awareness! Become more cognizant of your daily spending habits with alert customization and build a healthier relationship with your finances.

Learn to Recognize Fraudulent Activity

         With alerts you’ll become a pro at recognizing when something is off within your accounts, whether that’s an unexpected purchase or a log-in attempt. Maybe it’s a fraudulent transaction, or maybe you forgot you used that card at the store, but either way you’ll know as soon as it happens!

Know When to Take Action

         You didn’t spend $80 at a gas station 3 states away from you? Good thing you set up transaction alerts to receive a text for any purchase over $50! Now you know you need to turn off your card in the BOS Mobile Banking App and notify the bank of your suspicions.

You can choose from a wide variety of account and security alerts and how you wish to receive them (notification, text, and/or email). Within the BOS Mobile Banking App, simply select “Manage Alerts” on the home screen to start the process. Want to set them up on your computer? Log into Online Banking and click on the green “Alerts” button in the top right-hand corner to get started.

With alerts notifying you of your account activity you’ll be one step ahead of the fraudsters. Always remember to contact the bank with any suspicions of fraudulent activity, big or small! Our dedicated Customer Care team and Fraud Department are here to walk you through the process.

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