What is the First Defense Against Fraud?

By BankSource on 3/23/2023

Admit it: you’ve used the same password for your email, social media accounts, and online banking for years. It’s just so easy to remember your log-in info when it’s the same thing across the board, right?!

Right. But it also makes it easier for phishers to access your sensitive information.

A strong password is your first defense against any attempts into your accounts.

Make it a habit to check all your online accounts regularly for any security issues. Most profiles will tell you in the password settings if there are any concerns. Don’t ignore these notifications and update any password that could be compromised. One password compromised log in can cause trouble for all your accounts, especially if it is repeated.

Tips to Creating a Strong Password: 

  • Use 9-17 characters, including uppercase and lowercase letters, a number, and a symbol.

          Symbols can be anything from an exclamation point (!), an ampersand (&), or a dollar sign ($).

  • Avoid using personal information like birthdays, anniversaries, or names.

          Yes, this includes pet names, your significant others birthday, and the anniversary date you post on social media every year. Phishers know how to get this information.

  • Make your new password more secure by using a passphrase.

          A passphrase is long and is built like a sentence, typically containing a string of words that make it easier to remember but harder for a hacker to guess.

Following these tips, your secure password should look something like this: DontStopBelieving2000$?

But if you shouldn’t use the same password twice, how are you meant to remember all these different phrases? Start storing them in a secure database. Password managers are a way to store all your login information in one place, with one long and secure phrase to access them. Password managers can be found in the iPhone and Android app stores.

Take the next step in defending your accounts by setting up notifications to get alerted any time a login attempt fails, when your password is changed, and more. Download BOS Mobile Banking App and set up a wide variety of alerts to know exactly what is going on in your accounts, right when it happens.

Read more about setting up alerts. 

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