Community Banking: A Better Banking Experience

By BankSource on 9/21/2023

Whether it’s helping you buy your first home, start your business, or open a savings account, local banks are here to partner with you on your financial journey.

BOS is proud to be a community bank.

The difference between a community bank and a national bank? Relationships. We aren’t just your bankers. We are your neighbors, your friends, and your partners through many life changes. Just a quick drive or a phone call away, our bankers are always ready to provide customers with personalized service.  

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Five Factors That Set Apart a Community Bank:

1) Local Focus

BOS is focused on the community. We stick to what we know, which is serving our #BOSCommunity. We support local businesses, start-ups, and commerce through our many service offerings, and we give back through monetary support of local events and charities.  

2) Technology

Community banks have access to technology that can compete with the industry. At BOS we have services such as Mobile Banking, Bill Pay, Credit Score Monitoring, Account Alerts, and more! While we provide technological services and stay with the times, we are careful not to allow technology to take over. We want our customers to experience humanized service, not unhelpful machines.  

Common Misconception: "Local banks can’t keep up."

This is false! At BOS we strive to provide personalized service and updated digital banking options for our customers. 

3) Small Businesses

A local bank has expertise in the community and can be your partner to get your business started. Did you know that roughly 60% of all small business loans are provided by a community bank? (According to the ICBA) A local institution is just the place to go if you want to become your town's newest entrepreneur. We love to help our small businesses succeed. If you’re ready to get started, contact our Business Services team.  

4) Seamless Service

At BOS we say,You can run down the hall to get an answer”. We are not a bank where you walk-in, and no one is there to greet you; where you call, and no one is there to answer. We work seamlessly across institution departments to provide the best service and offerings for our customers. At BOS, we find solutions. 

5) Community Involvement

With an unwavering commitment to be a part of our branch communities, BOS has been involved with over 200 charities and organizations. We encourage our employees to volunteer and serve on area boards and are proud of our culture of giving back. Not only is involvement rewarding work but, more importantly, it’s impactful for our communities.  

Community banks are a huge sector of the banking industry and are a vital part of the economy. Local institutions are in the business of putting money out for farmers, business owners, families buying homes and getting their kids through college 

We’re in the business of you.


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