3 Scams to be Aware of This Holiday Season

By BankSource on 12/1/2023

It’s the busiest time of the year and you know who sees your list, is checking it twice, and truly doesn’t care if you are naughty or nice?  Scammers. And your purchases are at the top of their list. 

We’ve put together important red flags to be aware of that will leave you better protected while enjoying the holiday season: 

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Phishing Scams

Scammers can pose as a business and send you urgent requests asking you to update your password or account information.  Always make sure you’re verifying a request before submitting personal information or clicking on links.  We suggest doing a quick search and looking for their phone number.  From there, call them directly and explain the messaging you received.  They will be able to validate if the request is legitimate.   

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Fake Delivery Text Messages 

Getting those “your package is arriving soon” texts are great, and we tend to find small joys in tracking their every move, but if you receive an update about an item you didn’t order, DON’T RESPOND.  Refrain from clicking on any messages about items you never ordered or aren’t expecting (nobody is sending you a TV for free).   

Clicking on an unknown link gives scammers the chance to get inside your phone and hack your personal information.  So yes, get excited about the alerts that your packages are near, but avoid interacting with unexpected messages.  If you didn’t order it, DON’T CLICK IT. 

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Seasonal Job Scams 

Extra cash during the holiday season?  Sign us up! Lots of jobs pop up around this time of year which presents an opportunity for scammers.  They can pose as a retail store in a mall or an organization offering new employees the chance to work from home.  Of course, they offer direct deposit – because they want your bank account information!

Before you apply for that envelope stuffing job, verify that the organization exists.  All it takes is you filling out what you think to be a real job application or W4 for someone to get ahold of your personal information. 

Always make sure to verify where you’re buying your gifts from and be mindful of how you’re paying for them.  You can stay on top of your account usage by checking your eStatements regularly.  Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is! 

And yes, scammers are 100% on the naughty list. 

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