BOS Appoints Jason Knoedler as New CEO

By Banksource on 4/11/2024

JasonKnoedler0424 (3).jpg

BOS is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Knoedler as our new Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Jason has been with BOS for 18 years, bringing a wealth of expertise and leadership to his new position.

In his previous roles, Jason has demonstrated an exceptional ability to drive growth, foster a competitive sales team, and lead BOS to success. His strategic vision, commitment to excellence, and his support of the bank’s communities make him the ideal candidate to lead BOS into its next phase of development.

Jason succeeds Tom Marantz, who will continue in the role of Chairman of the Spring Bancorp and BOS board.

"Jason’s proven track record of leadership and his ability to inspire those around him make him the perfect choice to lead BOS into the future. I look forward to continuing our teamwork for many years to come," said Mike Pence, President of BOS.

Together, the dynamic team of Jason and Mike represents a blend of continuity and forward-thinking leadership, dedicated to upholding the bank's community traditions while outlining a course for future prosperity.

Tom Marantz, Chairman of the Spring Bancorp and BOS Board


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