How to Plan a Bachelor or Bachelorette party with Zelle®

By BankSource on 5/8/2024

Weddings are a time of great joy. But let’s face it, they can also be a bit stressful. Learn how Zelle® can make organizing the bachelor or bachelorette party easier and gifting for the wedding or bridal shower a breeze. Read more.

Your best friend is getting married and you’ve been asked to be the best man or maid of honor. You’re honored but also a bit nervous because you want everything to be perfect, including the bachelor or bachelorette party. Take a deep breath, you can do this.

Whether the guest of honor decides on a weekend getaway, a staycation closer to home, or a low-key night in, much of the party planning rests with you. So let’s get started.

Once you’ve been given a list of possible locations, dates, and the invite list, you might want to start a group text or email to the invitees to get everyone on the same page regarding costs and expectations. Some things to consider and communicate may include:

  • Transportation costs: Plane tickets or carpooling to the destination.
  • Accommodation costs: Hotel or rental
  • Costs for various activities: Brewery / wine tasting, pool cabana, concert tickets, meals, etc.

Decide up front what the guest of honor will pay for and what the group will cover. It’s important to get everyone’s input because some may have tighter budgets that others and you don’t want to put anyone in an uncomfortable position. According to a survey conducted by, about 43 percent of people don’t feel comfortable talking about money or financial status with their friends. This could be why 52 percent of respondents took on credit card debt and 39 percent opted out of some parts of the party due to high costs.

Consider taking an anonymous poll to help determine how much money party guests would like to spend. Once that’s decided, how to split bach party costs and share expenses should be easy. And that’s where Zelle® comes in. As one of the more popular peer-to-peer (P2P) payment options, you might be surprised how many guests already use Zelle. And those who don’t can most likely enroll through their bank or credit union’s mobile app with just an email address or U.S. mobile number. It’s that easy. They can now send money directly to your bank account, even if they bank somewhere different than you.1

As the host, you can easily send payment requests2 with Zelle to others in the group for their share of the costs you’ve already agreed upon. Plus, money sent is available to use in minutes1 so you don’t have to worry about covering the full cost of pricey items like a hotel. The bach party is going to be great!

Now, about that bridal shower ….


More Ways to Support the Happy Couple with Zelle

Shower Gifts. Zelle makes it easy to split the costs of group gifts for a bridal or wedding shower. Splitting costs with coworkers, friends or other family members is a great way to afford those higher-priced gifts for the happy couple.

The Perfect Wedding Gift. Is the couple trying to buy a new house or save for a dream honeymoon? Sending the gift of money with Zelle is a great way to help support their goals, whatever they may be.


Learn more about how Zelle works.


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1 U.S. checking or savings account required to use Zelle®. Transactions between enrolled users typically occur in minutes.

2 Payment requests to persons not already enrolled with Zelle® must be sent to an email address.

Zelle® and the Zelle® marks are property of Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.

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