How to Set Up a Digital Wallet

By BankSource on 5/9/2024

Using a Digital Wallet makes it easy to pay for purchases without the need of carrying a physical wallet. It’s secure, efficient, and accessible to nearly all smartphone users (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay).

We’ve covered Why Using a Digital Wallet is a No Brainer, so let’s discuss how to get it set up. Below is a general list of steps to get you started.

digital wallet image (1).png
Steps for Setting Up a Digital Wallet
  • Open your Digital Wallet App. Depending on your smartphone this may be Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay.
  • Once you’re in the app, tap ‘+’ or ‘add card’.
  • Select Debit or Credit Card, then continue.
  • Follow the on-screen steps to add your card. Most apps will have you manually enter your information, but some may let you take a photo of your card.
  • Verify your card information.
  • Review and accept terms.

Some banks give you the option to add your card to your digital wallet directly from your mobile banking app. Same as the steps above, you will go through a verification process to finalize getting your card set up. Talk to your personal banker for more details.


Digital wallets use near-field communication technology to send an encrypted, one-time code to the reader with each purchase. It’s a secure because it allows you to use your card for purchases while keeping your card number out of reach. It’s as if you’re using a brand new card with each tap!


Check out our video below on how to use your Digital Wallet



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