Being a Proud Father and Grandfather: A Father’s Day Letter from BOS President, Mike Pence.

By Mike Pence on 6/13/2024



Being a parent is one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences in your life. 

Nance and I have been blessed with three amazing children (Megan, Tyler and Courtney) who we are very proud of. Being proud is about recognizing all of the good things they have done in their life and obstacles they have overcome to reach their goals. 

As a parent, you work tirelessly to provide your children with the tools to reach for excellence and to overcome challenges that come their way. I had to work hard to find a balance between being a proud father and extreme competitiveness. But I learned the following: 

  1. To praise our children for the things that matter 
  2. Applaud their development and not so much the result
  3. To recognize the obstacles they have overcome to achieve a particular goal
  4. Lastly, to avoid making comparisons between children

As I said earlier, I am extremely proud of our children and watching them grow to be such kind and productive adults. Part of that growth is watching your children experience parenthood but also handling the loss of a child. Sadly our youngest daughter Courtney and her husband Sean lost a baby son after 23 weeks of pregnancy. Watching them experience that was very difficult as a father and expected grandfather but I was very proud to see their resiliency as husband and wife. Without a doubt that experience strengthened their marriage even more and they will be great parents when the time is right. 

My oldest daughter Megan and her husband Connor have two boys – Owen (3 yrs old) and Cole (2 months old). We are fortunate that our two grandsons live in Springfield. Yes we are spoiled having them so close and yes we spoil them with love and affection. Hearing my grandson Owen say Papa over and over just melts my heart. As a grandfather you get to spend 100% of your time focused on your grandchildren which is very special.  It is interesting that when you become a grandparent you start to act goofy again like when you were parenting.  It is so much fun. 

In closing, what I am most proud of with our family is that we all love each other and enjoy being together. My children are not just my kids who I love so much but they are my best friends who I can’t wait to spend time with. As a Papa, there is nothing more wonderful than the love and guidance I can give my grandsons. I am truly blessed. 


Happy Father’s Day!



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