SCAM! How to Identify Check Fraud

By BankSource on 12/1/2022

One of our favorite features in the mobile banking app is that you can deposit checks straight from your phone and into your account, saving you a trip to the bank (and gas money!). It’s quite simple: Grab your signed check, take a photo of both sides, upload the photos, and that’s it! You’ve securely deposited your check without leaving home.

But, there’s one very important step you need to take before uploading the photo to your account…

Check. For. Fraud.

Scammers are smart. They know how to make fake checks appear legitimate so they can get you to deposit the funds and find ways to access your personal information. Knowing how to spot a scam and protect yourself is crucial. We’ve prepared a list of questions to review before depositing a check and some examples we’ve seen of fake check scams.

Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Depositing a Check:

  • Is there any reason to suspect this check could be fraudulent?
  • Do I know the sender?
  • Am I expecting this check?
  • Does this request invoke a sense of urgency?

Types of Check Scams that are Red Flags:

  • Receiving a check from a mystery shopping program or as payment from something you sold online.
  • Being instructed to return a portion of the check amount to the sender or to a third party.
  • Offers that seem too good to be true.

Mobile deposit is great, but with check fraud on the rise, you should review for red flags before moving forward with claiming the funds. If you have any doubts about the validity of your check, please contact us immediately. You may be held liable for the funds if the check is returned.

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