Business Checking

In today’s competitive marketplace, your business requires a financial partner that understands your unique needs. The business banking specialists at Bank of Springfield analyze your business checking needs and respond quickly to your requests. Our team creates the best mix of business products and services to fit your organization.

BOS Makes Business Checking Easy and Efficient

Online Banking

This service allows you to manage virtually all aspects of your business’ finances online. This includes retrieving account data, balance information, and transaction details. In addition, you can initiate wire transfers, export your account data, view check images, and generate customized reports quickly and conveniently.

ACH Originations

Electronic payments are a highly efficient way to transfer funds. You can originate ACH transactions including direct deposit of payroll, expense reimbursements, transfers between financial institutions and tax deposits. You can also automate customer payments to simplify your account receivables process.

Remote Deposit

With Remote Deposit Service, you can make deposits for your business from the comfort of your office. All you need is a check scanner and a computer with a high-speed Internet connection. It’s easy, convenient and secure all while saving you valuable time and money.


Unlock easy-to-use digital financial tools with Finli. Pay bills, automate invoicing, store customer documents, and collect payments online with Finli’s comprehensive suite of solutions.  Learn more about Finli.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay allows your business to reduce exposure to check fraud loss with daily verification of check presentments. You can view electronic images of checks, identify unauthorized checks presented for payment, and determine which checks to pay or return.


Know Your Business Checking is Safe and Secure

IntraFi Network

BOS is part of the IntraFi Network which provides insurance protection for businesses with large deposits by staying under the FDIC insurance limit of $250,000 per depositor per bank. After making a deposit, the funds are divided into amounts under the $250,000 limit and placed into deposit accounts at multiple FDIC-insured banks.

Merchant Card Processing

With BOS, you can give your customers more options for payment. Our Merchant Credit Card Processing lets you accept credit and debit cards at your business, via your website, by phone, and more. We can design the best processing solution to meet your specific needs.

Lock Box Services

Our Lock Box processing service allows you to accelerate and improve the collection of your receivables. We will collect and process your customers’ payments and then deposit the funds into your account the same day. Electronic images of checks deposited, and their accompanying statements or invoices will be sent to you daily via secure email.

Which Checking Account is Right for Your Business?

Business Interest Checking

Our tiered interest-bearing checking account is suitable for any business type.

Small Business Checking

This account is designed specifically for small businesses with few account transactions.

Small Business Checking Plus

This account for small businesses allows for more monthly account transactions.

Business Checking

Our commercial checking account is a simple checking account perfect for medium and large businesses with available cash services and electronic cash management.


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