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BOS Trust Specialists are happy to meet with you and any of your current advisors, including your attorney, broker, insurance agent, and accountant. Together we determine how to structure our trust services to best meet your individual needs.


Our Trusts Are Planned and Personalized

We understand your needs are unique and reflect your personal situation. That’s why the Bank of Springfield's Trust Services Department has multiple options to develop your trust solution. Our experienced specialists will help you and your beneficiaries maximize the value of your assets. Whether personal, business or investment related, we’re always here to help.


BOS Tailors Your Trust

Our Trust Services Team helps you find the perfect product for your needs.

Trust Under Agreement

A Trust Under Agreement is used as a means to keep a property owner’s affairs in proper order even in the event of incapacity, prolonged illness or death of the owner. If the owner desires to no longer direct the trust, BOS Trust Services can serve as trustee or successor trustee.

Trust Under Will

A Trust Under Will is created when a grantor’s will stipulate that any portion of an estate is awarded to a trustee, to be managed for a beneficiary(ies). BOS Trust Services can act as trustee for a Trust Under Will. This kind of trust does not become operative until after the death of the grantor.

Investment Management Agency

You may not have the time, facilities or specialized expertise to optimize returns on your investment portfolio. Under an Investment Management Agency Agreement, BOS Trust Services can manage the administrative details. We will tailor investment portfolios to fit specific needs and objectives for individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Custodial Services

While custodians generally have no investment management or advisory duties; BOS, as custodian, will hold assets, facilitate trades, collect income, pay bills and provide periodic statements including tax information. We can also implement directives for individuals, businesses or organizations.


When a minor or disabled adult becomes entitled to a share in an estate, a “guardian” of the “ward” is appointed by the court. If BOS is named guardian, we will hold and manage the property, make regular accountings to the court, distribute funds for the benefit of the ward, and make the final settlement when necessary.

Trust and Estate Settlement

Professional death settlement services are needed when serving as a deceased’s executor, personal representative, or trustee. BOS can serve as an executor or trustee, and carry out the duties necessary to finalize and distribute the trust and/or estate.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

A life insurance trust owns insurance policies for you. Since you do not own the insurance policy when you pass away, generally the proceeds should not be included in your taxable estate. As trustee of your life insurance trust, BOS is responsible for ensuring the premiums are paid on the policy, notifying the beneficiary(ies) when deposits (gifts) are placed into the trust, and disbursing the proceeds as directed in the trust agreement.

BOS Trust Services Department is not a “broker-dealer” and does not provide brokerage services.

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