5 Key Takeaways from Our Fraud Prevention Seminar

By BankSource on 1/6/2023

Employees from BOS along with representatives from the Springfield Police Department and the FBI held a seminar in Springfield, IL to talk with community members about fraud prevention along with what they see and handle in their respective roles.

Attendees had the pleasure of listening to Drew Szabados, Officer with the Springfield Police Department; Price McCarty, Supervisory Special Agent with the FBI; Matt Stark, BOS Vice President; and Tim Welch BOS Vice President and Branch Manager, as they shared a message on being better protected from scams.

We’ve compiled our Top 5 Key Takeaways from the presentation to help you stay better protected from fraud:

http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"> Know what to look for. Familiarize yourself with different types of fraud.

  • Identity theft
  • Elder abuse
  • Check fraud
  • Phishing scams (sent through email, text messages, or by phone call)
  • Romance scams
  • Mystery shopping programs

Strangers aren’t the only ones committing crimes. Fraudsters can also be identified as someone close to you like a friend, family member, or a caregiver.

Review sender information and avoid interacting with unwarranted messages that encourage you to click on a link. Examples include:

  • Emails that jeopardize a friend or coworkers email address to trick you into clicking a link.
  • Spoofed website URLs that include symbols and spelling within the web address.
  • Text requests that appear to come from a trusted source, asking you to click on an unknown link.
  • Messaging that states your package has shipped or that your order is ready for pick up, prompting you to click for confirmation.

Be proactive. Put up a defense against fraud by enabling account alerts and changing your passwords frequently. Additional ways to better protect yourself include:

  • Update your passwords regularly.
  • Set up push alerts with your account, online and mobile banking
  • Think before you click or respond to messages you’re unsure about.
  • Review your statements
  • Utilize a BOS Checking Plus account so that you have an extra layer of security.

Committing a fraud or scam is a crime. Make sure to file a report with your local police non-emergency line if you suspect you are a victim and need additional resources.

Stay on top of your game.

It starts with you. Following these tips will help better protect you from fraud and keeps you one step ahead of the scammers. Contact us if you have any questions or experience suspicious activity on your account, 877-698-3278.

Click here for fraud prevention documents.

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