Why Should You Attend Shred Day? And How Do You Prepare?

By BankSource on 9/15/2023

Disposing of sensitive documents in your kitchen trashcan increases the risk of someone stealing your information and committing identity theft. Our suggestion when it comes to destroying confidential documents: Take advantage of your community’s Shred Day!

Shred Day is a great way to safely dispose of any sensitive or unwanted documents you have laying around the house. These documents may contain your Social Security Number, date of birth, account numbers, or any financial information.

As part of our commitment to helping the community fight fraud, BOS provides a free shredding service each year. The event is equipped with an onsite mobile shred truck and staffed by BOS employees to assist in safely disposing your documents.

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The next BOS Shred Day is Saturday, October 21st from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm at our Wabash branch in Springfield. We will also be accepting items for our annual coats and cans donation drive. 

If you’re unable to attend a Shred Day, it’s important that you have a secure system to store sensitive items safely. If you have any questions please contact us at 877-698-3278.

BOS Shred Day FAQs:

What should I bring to a Shred Day?

Anything that someone could get ahold of and take your personal information. Examples include past bills, junk mail, voided checks, receipts, tax documents, bank statements, medical records, driver’s license, etc.

Am I limited to the number of boxes I can bring?

Each car is limited to three total boxes of shred.

Can I watch my documents go through the shredder at your Shred Day?

Yes. A BOS employee will walk you up to the truck where you can watch a live feed of your items go through the shredder.

Can I stay in my car when I drop items off?

Yes. A BOS employee will unload items from your car and empty them into shred bins before they get sent through the shredder.

I'm not a BOS customer, can I still attend your Shred Day?

Yes. Our Shred Day is free and open to the public.

What items are acceptable to send through the shredder?

Office paper, file folders, rubber bands, small staples.

What items aren't permitted to send through the shredder?

3 ring binders, cardboard, plastics, binder clips, media (floppy disks, flash drives, CDs, DVDs, etc.), hazardous materials, jewelry.

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