7 Reasons Why We Love Mobile Banking

By BankSource on 10/30/2023

Let’s say you went to pay for a coffee and your debit card is nowhere to be found.  Or you can’t reach for cash because you’re holding your afternoon caffeine in one hand and cell phone in the other.  

We have the perfect solution to this dilemma.

With mobile banking, your phone can be used to make in-store purchases through your digital wallet. No card needed!

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The app also comes in handy in the instance you’ve misplaced your card and need to turn it off while you look for it. From reviewing your recent spending to setting alerts, managing your debit cards and more, carrying your bank with you really has its perks. Mobile banking continues to prove why it’s THE way to manage your accounts. 

We’ve compiled our top 7 reasons why we’re loving mobile banking: 

1) Never worry about a misplaced card again. 

Control your card from the palm of your hand.  Reduce the panic of a misplaced card with the ability to turn it off in seconds or report it missing.  Found the debit card in your jeans pocket while doing laundry?  Turn it back on with one click. 

2) Stay in the know. 

Setting customized alerts allow you to know exactly when your card is used.  You can set preferences for specific merchant types (restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations) and get detailed notifications about the transactions you want to monitor. 

3) Less baggage. 

No more rushing at the register to find your debit card? Yes please!  Adding your card to a digital wallet limits the need to carry a physical card.  It also gives you the option to choose contactless payment where available. 

4) Hit your financial goals. 

Mobile banking lets you set detailed control preferences on your cards and lets you build a system that works for your spending habits.  The BOS Mobile Banking App also gives you instant access to your credit score. 

5) Customize your transactions. 

Restricting your card limits to where and how it can be used gives you an extra layer of security to protect yourself from scammers. 

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6) It’s easy to review account activity. 

Doing a regular scan of your account keeps you on top of potential unauthorized and fraudulent charges.   

7) Makes vacation a breeze. 

Taking a trip?  Add your travel plans to your account (destination, timeline) without having to call a personal banker. 

The BOS Mobile Banking App gives you complete control of the cards in your wallet.  Relieve the stress of potential fraudulent situations (and laundry mishaps) by downloading the app today and using the Manage My Cards feature.

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