Take Personal Finance to the Next Level

By BankSource on 12/28/2023

Banks have continued to provide upgraded solutions for customers to get the most out of their financial relationships.  Products and services have become more accessible, personalized, and enhanced with relevant functions to meet the needs, and wants, of consumers. 

Step into the world of digital banking with the addition of built-in budgeting tools within online and mobile banking.  On top of the everyday to-do’s that come with managing your account, a simple way to categorize and customize your transactions is must. 


There’s no need for a separate personal finance app when personalized features are available in one location (hint hint, your bank’s online and mobile banking platforms). Manage your money, customize how you spend, where you spend, set spending categories, and everything in between. 

If you’ve been looking for a way to tackle your financial goals, our online and mobile banking systems have just the right tools that will help with your budgeting needs. 

5 Ways BOS Online and Mobile Banking Helps You Budget 

 Provides a visual breakdown of your spending by category, monthly trends, and location. 

 Lets you set limits on purchases by location, merchant, transaction type. 

 Allows you to view and filter your transactions, pending and posted. 

 Gives you daily access to check your credit score for free. 

 Real-time alerts with every purchase. 

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