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Do you dream of a home built just for you?

Our lenders are here to help walk you through the construction loan process into your long-term mortgage.

A construction loan is a short-term loan for the construction of a home, building or major remodeling project. When the project is complete, the construction loan is converted to permanent ­financing.

Depending on the complexity of the project, various repayment term options maybe available. Loan amounts are determined by analyzing the total project cost and the appraised value of the proposed completed project. Your BOS loan officer will work with you to determine an appropriate loan amount.

What Information Is Needed for My Construction Loan Application?

Your loan officer will be able to determine the feasibility of your project by reviewing the following information:

  • A complete set of plans showing the foundation, floor plans for all levels, and front and back elevations
  • A completed itemized cost breakdown sheet
  • A detailed description of materials or specifications
  • A copy of the contract with your builder
  • A completed residential loan application
  • A signed Borrower Information Authorization form
  • Copies of your federal tax returns complete with all schedules and W-2's for the last two years
  • Copies of your last two pay stubs
  • Contract to purchase lot or evidence of title for property


The approval and closing of your loan will likely occur within two to three weeks of submitting your complete application.


For information about the application process or if you have any questions, our loan experts are here to assist. 

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All loans subject to credit approval.  BOS NMLS #402619.